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VJ Parvati into BB house – Here are some highlights from the house!



People who watched the second promo video of Bigg Boss 6 are angry and cursing. The week that Bigg Boss 6 was in the house was guest week. Former contestants and future contestants are coming. What do you mean by future competitors? It has reported from a reliable source that the new faces entering the Bigg Boss house are the contestants of the next season.

VJ Parvati into BB house
VJ Parvati into BB house

VJ Parvati into BB house

Parvati and Shobana have been brought today. In the first promo video, Maina Nandini made looks like Nayanthara. In the second video, Maina Nandini is targeted for not crying. Maina Nandini is told by her romantic husband Yogeshwaran that you are not fit to be in the Bigg Boss house. After that, Nandini changed her game. In this case, VJ Parvati has changed the Bigg Boss house and roasted Maina. Those who have seen it say that Parvati’s answer to Kamal is as if he understood.

VJ Parvati saw Maina and said, why did you come, do you really think that people with you are laughing at the comedy you are doing or enjoying it, Maina just shook her head. Maina is not known in this house. Why you don’t want to win the title, I’ll come here, I’ll stay for four, if you send me, I’ll go. If that is the case, don’t you have all the desire to win the title? As soon as Maina opened her mouth to reply, Parvati said, “Then why did you come here?”

VJ Parvati into BB house
VJ Parvati into BB house

People who have seen the promo video have said that Parvati is annoying to watch. Why did you let him into the Bigg Boss house? He behaves as if he is hosting in response to Kamal. Also, the questions are correct. But the person asking it is wrong. Thanks for this promo. No need to watch next season. Work remains. It has reported that this is not enough for Parvati who has got insulted in the Survivor show.

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