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VJ Maheswari Evicted – Here are some Bigg Boss highlights!



In the most recent Bigg Boss 6 show, Kamal Haasan gives the housemates the challenge of choosing one person with whom things were only going to get worse. VJ Maheswari Evicted last week and here are some highlights from the house.

The most votes are cast for Azeem. Despite the fact that Dhanalakshmi appears to be a good person. Also, according to Janany, one can never really be sure of her true character or how she would ultimately turn out. Ram expressed displeasure with Dhanalakshmi’s treatment of him as a leader.

VJ Maheswari Evicted
VJ Maheswari Evicted

Azeem has been adamant that starting in the sixth week. Also, he will reveal the remaining 10% of his face, according to Rachita. Azeem, in turn, supported Rachita and praised her for being someone who would carry out all tasks with a smile. He has then informed by Kamal Haasan that even his buddies had

VJ Maheswari Evicted

The housemates were then chastised by Kamal Haasan, who threatened to lose his cool if they continued to flout the rules. You are not following the rules that Bigg Boss has established for the house. “I am giving the nomination-free pass that Dhanalakshmi got to Vikraman, who played fairly,” the judge said. Kamal Haasan also said that he will comfort Dhanalakshmi if she sobs.

VJ Maheswari Evicted

On Saturday’s show, Azeem and Vikraman were spared from eviction. Shivin shared her love story with Rachita and Vikraman in the meantime. She said that her beau’s parents had only spoken to her on the phone and that they had never met her. She continues by saying that they don’t even realize they are dating and only see them as pals.

Later, when Kamal Haasan asked the housemates who they would choose to save from eviction out of Ram and Maheshwari, most said Ram. Then Kamal Haasan declares that Maheshwari has been booted out.

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