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VJ Maheswari Entry – Here are some highlights from the house!



Bigg Boss season 6 which is airing on Vijay TV is nearing its finale. Currently, the eliminated contestants are entering the Bigg Boss house. VJ Maheshwari has come today in that way. In this case, the third promo related to this has now been released and is going viral.

So far, Metti Oli serial actress Shanthi, Asal Kolar, Maheshwari, Nivashani, Sherina, Robert Master, Quincy, Ram, Ayesha, Janani, and Dhanalakshmi have been eliminated from the Bigg Boss house. Rachita was evicted last week. Currently, Vikraman, ADK, Kathiravan, Maina Nandini, Shivin, and Amudhavanan are in the Bigg Boss house.

VJ Maheswari Entry
VJ Maheswari Entry

VJ Maheswari Entry

Among them, Amudhavanan won the finale ticket and entered the finals. Thus, except for Amudhavanan, all other contestants have been nominated in this week’s eviction list. As the show ends in a few days, the contestants who left the house are re-entering and cheering the contestants at home.

VJ Maheswari Entry
VJ Maheswari Entry

Meanwhile, the third promo for today’s episode is out. In it, VJ Maheshwari enters the house. Then Bigg Boss announces that all the housemates have to come together and play a sacrifice task. Dhanalakshmi Vikraman has to remove a part of his beard for that. Azeem Saree or Chudithar says to wear one of these two dresses. To this Azeem says it looks like it will come and go. Maheshwari says that it does not mean that if you wear a saree or Chudithar it will go down.

Azeem retorts that when it comes to that, don’t start your work. If Maheshwari also leaves me, I will not come to the thigh. He says that he has come for this. Azeem says that’s why you go out and sit without talking. This promo is currently going viral on the internet. Fans are commenting that there is a big incident in Bigg Boss house today.

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