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Vivek meets Ilayaraja and got blessings – Presented Buddha memento!



Actor Vivek meets musician Ilayaraja in his new studio and congratulates him on playing the piano. During the curfew implemented across the country due to the corona, many people spent time learning their favorite things. Comedian Vivek is learning to play the piano in that order. Artist Vivek has learned his favorite Raja songs on the piano and shared them with musician Ilayaraja.

Actor Vivek says that he learned piano from his son and used to play raja sir’s music. My favorite part of it is the time of writing the story in the magazine. The musician composed the music for the movie “Unnal Mudiyum Thambi”.

Vivek meets Illayaraja and got blessings:

I met Raja sir recently in his new studio out of respect. Then I gave him a Buddha statue as a souvenir. When I spoke to him, I showed him the video of the time. I was writing the story in the magazine read, claiming that has learned to play the piano in your inspiration. The musician looked at it and wished him. When Vivek told me more about this I told him during a conversation with Ilayaraja that I had bought a piano. And I would like to embed his photo and autograph in it so that the next generation will remember.

Vivek Presenting Buddha memento

Ilayaraja, the musician who heard it, also, in fulfillment of my request, signed his photograph with the words “Fill in the Divine”. The artist said that it was his wish that the musician’s photo and handwriting be inscribed on my piano soon and that the musician read it first. According to Vivek, the musician Ilayaraja also said that he would bless the artist by playing on his Piano.
Vivek further said, “During the conversation with Ilayaraja, I said that I had bought a piano and wanted to embed his photo and autograph in it so that the next generation would remember it. Also, Vivek, while meeting Raja sir presented him with a Buddha statue as a memento.

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