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Vishal to take care of students – Taking care of 1800 students!



There is nothing special about the service quality of South Star hero Vishal’s fatherhood. Very enthusiastically involved in social activities. If you turn to him for help, you will get help. What a great actor a man of good heart beyond that. Vishal is also the first actor to be shocked by the earlier farmer suicides. The actor took steps to donate every rupee from his movie ticket to the farmer. That being said, little is said about Vishal’s motherhood. Recently Vishal made another sensational decision. It is known that the ‘Enemy’ starring Arya is coming to the audience on November 4 during Diwali. On this occasion, Vishal visited Thirumala Srivastava. He later told the media that he had made a sensational decision. `Puneeth Rajkumar is the man in our house. Puneeth is still alive in my mind many days after he died.

Vishal to take care of students

Vishal to take care of students from Puneeth trust. I am taking the responsibility of 1800 students with the intention that none of the programs run by Puneeth should be stopped. Deposited some money to buy a house. Now I allocate money for students. My support programs will always be there until they all study and settle down,” Vishal said. With this, Vishal is once again shining like a real hero on social media. Vishal personality. Followers are making interesting comments aimed at his great mind. There has never been a single negative comment on Vishal from netizens. That means Vishal has once again proved how great a person he is. And there are huge expectations on the Enemy movie. Already released promotional films are raising expectations on the action thriller. The film has directed by Anand Shankar.

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