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Vikraman’s Speech- About Azeem’s Victory after Bigg Boss!



Azeem’s supporters have questioned how Vikraman can talk like that about giving the Bigg Boss 6 trophy to his brother. Many viewers expected Vikraman to win the Bigg Boss 6 title. But it was Azeem who got the title. Many have said that giving the title to Azeem, who kept on shouting and fighting with the Bigg Boss housemates, is a wrong example. Vikraman was asked about this.

Vikraman’s Speech
Vikraman’s Speech

Vikraman’s Speech

When asked if Azeem winning the title was a wrong example, Vikraman said, “I have said the same internally.” He knows why Azeem did that. When it becomes a trophy and recognition, I was afraid that such a thing would be successful in society. He said that I said it there.

I did not walk as I feared. That victory is not victory. I understood that virtue wins. Kamal Sir said that virtue will win on the finale stage. He came to my side. Vikraman further stated that he did not stand on my side but on the side of charity. Aram Vellum’s supporters have appreciated his opinion.

Vikraman’s Speech
Vikraman’s Speech

After hearing what Vikraman said, Azeem’s supporters boo him. You have done nothing in the Bigg Boss house for 105 days, just giving idle comments, and are still doing the same. That’s why you don’t get the title. Understand this reason for now. They said that just saying that virtue will win will not win.

World Champion Kamal Haasan stood by Vikraman’s side when he gave the trophy to Azeem in the finale. If that is the case, it seems that Lord did not like Azeem’s victory. But Kamal can only do what the organizers say. Bigg Boss viewers said that he gave the trophy to Azeem. In this case, it is noteworthy that Vikraman has also said the same.

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