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Vikraman’s Memories – Here are some Bigg Boss Highlights!



Bigg Boss 6 finalists are releasing a promo video to make them feel excited. The contestants in the Bigg Boss 6 house are just a few days away from moving into their own house. In this case, Bigg Boss talks about the good qualities of the contestants, and praises and congratulates them. Hearing this they cry. Azeem cried in the promo video released this morning. After that, a feeling video has come again.

Vikraman’s Memories
Vikraman’s Memories

Vikraman has been shown in the second promo video. Vikraman started crying as soon as Bigg Boss started talking saying that I am happy that he has identified a friend who knows how to respect his fellow man. Apart from being the biggest show in Tamil Nadu, Bigg Boss is a much-needed show. This is not normal if you are given a chance to sample voices on a populist platform. Vikraman said this is a revolution.

Vikraman’s Memories

Bigg Boss heard Vikraman speak with great feeling, what a revolution. He said I am eager to see the revolutions you are going to make in the outside world. Hearing that, Vikraman got excited and happily said that Aram will win and ended the promo video.

People who have seen the promo video have said that Bigg Boss is a must-have show for everyone. If Bigg Boss put ice, this Vikraman put an ice bar on his head. No wonder Vikraman has handed the title for this one thing. What virtue, what victory. Is he going to make another revolution in this? They said that politics will win.

Vikraman’s Memories
Vikraman’s Memories

Thirumavalavan MP asked to vote for Vikraman to win Bigg Boss title. He said on social media. Many people who saw it blasted him. Former contestant Vanitha Vijayakumar also raised the question. In this case, phone calls have come warning Vanitha. Vanitha has boldly tweeted that I am not a person who is afraid of all this.

Vikraman should not be given the title for the sole reason that political parties asked for votes. If that is the case, this will happen in subsequent seasons as well. Then it won’t be Bigg Boss show, it will turn into a big political show, viewers say.

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