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Vikraman vs Azeem – Check out Bigg Boss highlights here!



Vikraman has published some truths about Azeem, who is in the house of Bigg Boss. Vikraman’s promo video has revealed that you are not my Strong player. Bigg Boss 6 Homemade Alien and Aboriginal people gave the task to the Housemates, whenever they saw the ears of the spectators. The audience’s ears were slightly cool when they saw the second promo video released today.

Vikraman has spoken again about Azeem’s hand on the cheek. He said, when someone is talking, the hand is very wrong. He came to the Limelight and did this only because he wanted to get Attention. Vikraman said he was on a weekly basis. Vikraman, you have 54 days to find this fact and secret. Visitors tease as we know this.

Vikraman vs Azeem

Vikraman vs Azeem
Vikraman vs Azeem

Azeem is not the man who is idle after hearing what Vikraman said. In response, Azeem said, “You are talking to me for Limelight.” Talk about a stringent canton stand and get a position for us. I said, “I remember myself.” Vikraman is like Azeem. You have already given it. Vikraman said that you are not my Strang Player. Azeem heard it, thank you. Asim’s act is like Vikraman’s. Unsurprisingly, Vikraman speaks of Azeem as Sherin.

It is noteworthy that this is the seventh promo video released by Azeem. There is a demand for Azeem to give a red card for Amudhavanan’s hand. But as usual, the Lord will scold the model. Visitors say this is the only thing that knows. Those who have seen the promo video have said that Lord Azeem was ugly. This is the Vikraman of the Big Boss house. Vikraman is just like Bigg Boss. Both said that one is not tired.

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