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Vikram into 100 Crore Club – Marching towards Huge Collection!



Making a list of the greatest actors in Indian cinema would not be without Kamal Haasan’s name. Kamal Haasan is a proud actor of the country. No other role he has played has been cast on the Indian screen. Kamal Haasan, who had many successes as a brilliant actor in the 80s and 90s, has not had much success in recent times. Even though he is showing variations for each of his films as an actor, the fans are a bit concerned with the lack of revenue. Small crush heroes seem to be Pan India Stars recording hundreds of crores of revenue. But so far, the film, starring Kamal Haasan, has not reached the 100-crore club.

Vikram into 100 Crore Club
Vikram into 100 Crore Club

Vikram into 100 Crore Club

The collections of the super hit films in which he has acted in the past are equivalent to the collections of two to three hundred crores now. But Vikram’s film came at a time when it was unfortunate that he had not received a hundred crore film from him in recent times. Fans are confident that the film has the potential to gross hundreds of crores in the long run, grossing Rs 100 crore in just two days of its release. If Kamal Haasan focused on commercial films, tens of hundreds of crores of films would come. But he is passionate about doing different roles for different films. Dashavatharam was a part of it.

Vikram into 100 Crore Club
Vikram into 100 Crore Club

He did films like Vishwaroopam. But they failed to collect hundreds of crores. Now with Vikram, that deficit seems to be over. Fans are confident that the upcoming Kamal movies will no longer reach the hundreds of crores club in a row. Indian 2 was already scheduled to come but was postponed due to differences between Shankar and the production company. News is coming that Indian 2 is going to start again soon. Kamal fans waiting for that movie.

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