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Vijay Birthday Special – Seven Screen Studio shared on Twitter!



Vijay tops the list of star heroes in the South. Every film he has made in recent times has grossed over Rs 100 crore. Vijay movies are guaranteed to be at least one hundred crores. His stardom and his fan base can be understood from the master movie collections he has acted in. Despite the mixed response to the film, a tsunami of revenue was recorded. One can understand how such a Vijay Birthday means fan frenzy. The craziness started on social media just two days before Vijay’s birthday. From the Common Man to fan-made posters, thousands of tweets are buzzing.

Vijay Birthday Special

But the poster that Seven Screen Studio officially released via Twitter is very special. In this poster, Vijay reveals the looks of the 64 movies he has acted in so far as well as the look of the 65th movie he is currently starring in. Here you can see how Vijay’s look has changed in 65 movies. Vijay has become a top star in the South as the number of fans for the film has been increasing. In addition to being rewarded in the range of Bollywood heroes. Fans are also thankful for this special poster given by Seven Screen Studio on the occasion of the birthday of the superstar who has not diminished in terms of movie revenue.

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