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Thomas about T67 – He is playing a Negative role in the Movie!



His character is Mathew Thomas who is acting in Vijay’s Thalapathy 67. At present, all eyes are on Thalapathy 67 in the Tamil film industry. The main reason for that is director Lokesh Kanagaraj. Even though Thalapathy 67 is Vijay’s film, his teaming up with Lokesh has increased the expectations for the film. Thomas about T67 in a recent interview.

Lokesh’s story-telling style and the characters in his films are making a huge impact on the minds of the fans. The importance given to all the characters in the films directed by him such as Kaithi, Master, and Vikram attracted the fans.

Thomas about T67
Thomas about T67

For example, the character of Napoleon in the film Kaithi and the character of Agent Tina in the film Vikram has well-received by the fans. In this case, Vijay fans are eager to see their hero in such compelling films. They expect that wish to happen through Thalapathy 67. Even though the film Master released in collaboration with them has a huge success, the film has not entirely made in Lokesh’s style.

Thalapathy 67 has developed entirely in Lokesh’s style, as he himself has said in many interviews. So, fans are excited to see a different Vijay in the film. Following this, the film team has officially announced the list of actors who are currently acting in the film. Mathew Thomas from Malayalam is playing the most important role in this.

Speaking about his role in the film, Thomas said, “I am playing a negative character in Thalapathy 67.” Thomas also said that he is the biggest Vijay fan. It is noted that the title of Thalapathy 67 will be officially released today.

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