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Thirumavalavan’s Gift – Vikraman has been appreciated by him!



Vikraman, who came second in the Bigg Boss show, was given a prize by the president of the Liberation Tigers Party, Thol Thirumavalavan. He participated in Bigg Boss Season 6 on Vijay TV last October 9. Vikraman, the spokesperson of the Liberation Tigers of India, participated as one of the 21 contestants in Bigg Boss. From the day he participated in the Bigg Boss show, he played very calmly and patiently.

Thirumavalavan’s Gift
Thirumavalavan’s Gift

Actor Kamal Haasan has praised Vikraman many times for playing with integrity without losing his composure in any situation. He patiently dealt with fellow contestants like Azeem, Maheshwari, Dhanalakshmi, Manikanta, and ADK even though they behaved very harshly. Vikraman used to raise his voice immediately if there was a problem with his fellow competitor. Vikraman behaved politely with the female contestants till the end.

Thirumavalavan’s Gift

It was expected that Vikraman would win the Bigg Boss title by playing calmly and dignified. But at the last moment, the Bigg Boss title has given to Azeem. Vikraman became the runner-up. Azeem has given the Bigg Boss trophy which shocked the fans. Vikram’s fans are also trending the hashtag #BoycottVijayTV, saying that giving Azeem the title of Bigg Boss is a wrong precedent.

Thirumavalavan’s Gift
Thirumavalavan’s Gift

In this case, Vikraman met and congratulated Thol Thirumavalavan, the leader of the Liberation Tigers Party. Then Thol Thirumavalavan, who had tied Vikraman up, wrapped him in gold and gave him a Buddha statue as a gift. Vikraman posted this on his Twitter page with pride and excitement. He posted that he met and congratulated President @thirumaofficial. He has greeted with a hug and presented with a Buddha statue by “Aaravendan”. What could be a greater gift than this? A touching moment. #Aramvellum mentioned.

Thol Thirumavalavan started a campaign on his social media pages to vote for Vikraman when he entered the finale of Bigg Boss. Thol Thirumavalavan’s collection of votes in favor of a contestant participating in a television program caused a lot of opposition. There was a comment on social media that the reason for Thirumavalavan’s defeat was that he collected votes in favor of Vikraman. It is noteworthy that Thirumavalavan Vikraman would have won if he had not posted on Twitter in support of Vikraman.

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