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The Warrior Movie – Release date has been announced!



The Warrior is a big-budget action entertainer directed by Tamil star Mass director Lingusamy and starring surrogate beauty Krithi Shetty and energetic star Ram. There is no doubt that the Ram look and appearance background in this film are all in a way that also raises expectations on the film. It’s been several months since the movie’s release and the release date has not announced yet. The members of the film unit planned a surprise update about The Warrior yesterday which means tomorrow is today. Since yesterday, many Ram fans and fans have been eagerly awaiting the surprise. The Warrior team revealed the surprise to Anna Time as usual. The release date of The Warrior movie has officially announced by the unit members.

The Warrior Movie
The Warrior Movie

The Warrior Movie

This summer has been a full pack with big and small movies all over. That’s why Ustad has officially announced that ‘The Warrior’ will be releasing on July 14. According to film unit members and media circles, the shooting for the film, which will be released in Telugu as well as Tamil, is nearing completion. It has been officially announced that Ravi Teja starrer Rama Rao on Duty will be releasing in July. They have confirmed that Ravi Teja will be coming as Rama Rao on July 17. That’s only three days to Rama Rao’s duty for The Warrior. Being two films with a good buzz, there is definitely a chance that there will be a fight between the two films.

The Warrior Movie
The Warrior Movie

A film made by Ram after Ismart Shankar movie was disappointing. It seems that after hearing a lot of stories about making a mass commercial film like Ismart Shankar again, Tamil director Lingusamy finally said ok. Lingusamy has made a name for himself as a director of mass films in Tamil by shooting films like Sandakkozhi. However, he failed to receive much success in the meantime. It seems through the members of the unit that Lingusamy is taking The Warrior movie to the screen with the utmost ambition to assert his power here and there again with this movie. This is a very important project for Ram too. Krithi Shetty’s role as the heroine in this movie creates a huge buzz. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

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