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Thalapathy 67 Title – Fans are having fun decoding the Title!



A question has arisen about the title of the film Thalapathy 67, which has shared by a famous journalist. Lokesh Kanagaraj made his directorial debut in Tamil cinema with Managaram. Lokesh Kanagaraj, who proved that he has the goods in his first film, has been giving hits like Karthi’s Kaithi, Vijay’s Master, and Kamal’s Vikram. In this case, Lokesh Kanagaraj, who has teamed up with Vijay again after Master, is directing Thalapathy 67.

Thalapathy 67 Title
Thalapathy 67 Title

After releasing the official poster and confirming the alliance with Vijay, Lokesh Kanagaraj left for Kashmir with the film crew. Lokesh Kanagaraj has started shooting with Pooja and has posted updates of Thalapathy 67 for the past three days. Fans breathed a sigh of relief after seeing the star cast of Thalapathy 67.

Thalapathy 67 Title

Subsequently, the photos of the film Poojai has released. Fans are in awe of this. Following this, the teaser of the film has expected to be released. But unexpectedly, Lokesh Kanagaraj announced that the title of the film will be released today at 5 pm. Due to this, fans from Happy Mode have been splashing Twitter with the hashtag #Thalapathy67 since yesterday evening.

In this case, Fans are decoding the poster released yesterday and saying this is the title of Thalapathy 67. In other words, netizens are saying that Eagle is the title of the film after comparing the poster released by Lokesh Kanagaraj yesterday for the title update with an Eagle.

Thalapathy 67 Title
Thalapathy 67 Title

They are also trending the hashtag #Thalapathy67TitleReveal. It is not known how true this is. But Eagle is the title, and Vijay fans are storming Twitter to confirm it. At the same time, Bismi, a famous journalist, asked if it has not an Eagle, what else could it be. In this case, Kamal has shared the name of Kuruthipunal on his Twitter page.

Kamal Haasan starrer Vikram directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj was a blockbuster hit. Kamal’s cinema has the highest grosser in his career. Amused by this, Kamal is showing unconditional love to Lokesh. It is said that Kamal Haasan is also going to act in Thalapathy 67. In this case, the question has arisen that the title of Thalapathy 67 is his film Kuruthipunal.

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