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Thalaivi Sequel – The story is getting ready by the movie team!



The film ‘Thalaivi’, based on the life story of the late Jayalalithaa, the former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, has delayed for a long time after the first copy was ready. This is due to the corona epidemic. The film has recently released in Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi as a gift from Vinayaka Chaturthi. But the film had a bitter experience at the box office. Although the film has praised by critics and received good reviews, audiences did not show much interest in coming to the theatres to see the film. ‘Thalaivi’ played moderately in Tamil, Telugu could not make any impact in Hindi. Vishnuvardhan Induri has a bitter experience of releasing the film in theatres for many months without tempted despite good offers for direct release in OTT. If not, there is no need to worry about theatrical revenue as the film makes a profit with non-theatrical rights.

Thalaivi Sequel

Thalaivi Sequel:

Here is the Thalaivi Sequel getting ready. On the whole, the movie ‘Thalaivi’ left him with mixed feelings. Everyone thought that the story of this movie has over without end. But the latest information is that a sequel to ‘Thalaivi’ is coming. Jayalalithaa acting career as well as her political journey until she became the Chief Minister for the first time is known to be shown in this film. With this, the story was incomplete and the biopic was conveniently concluded. The allegations made after becoming the Chief Minister went unnoticed. So, everyone thought that this story ended in such a convenient way. But the film crew is looking to end the story by making a sequel. Whatever the outcome in the theatres, the script is being prepared for a sequel with Vijayendra Prasad as the producer is making a profit.

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