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Suriya Entry to Tollywood – Committed a straight Telugu Movie!



Shekhar Kammula is well aware of the Youth Pulse. That’s why he brilliantly screens love stories that connect to youth. His love stories have family themes and strong bonds and emotions. That is why his films also get the support of the family audience. ‘Love Story‘ from him last year also impressed the youth in a range. Since then, he seems to be changing his route a bit. Shekhar Kammula is stepping towards different stories instead of the love stories he was given. He is making a movie with Dhanush as the hero. The film is being made with different storylines. The film will be released in Telugu as well as Tamil. This is a movie he is doing with a hero who has left Telugu. This is also the film he is making in Telugu as well as Tamil. He is fully focused on this project.

Suriya Entry to Tollywood
Suriya Entry to Tollywood

Suriya Entry to Tollywood

And even after this movie, it seems that he is not looking toward Tollywood heroes. After the Dhanush movie, it became interesting what hero he would do within Telugu. But he says that he will do the film with the Tamil hero after that. That hero is not someone Suriya. Suriya Strait has been looking to make a Telugu film for a long time. It has also been said on various platforms that it is waiting for a suitable story. Shekhar Kammula tells a story to him. Suriya says that the story was well-liked.

Suriya Entry to Tollywood
Suriya Entry to Tollywood

The film will also be released in Telugu as well as Tamil. I think the title ‘Leader 2’ is for this story which is based on politics. However, Shekhar says it is not a sequel to the previous ‘Leader’ directed by Kammula. In 2010, Shekhar Kammula made the film ‘Leader’ with Rana as the hero. However, it did not play so well. Now with another story, Shekhar Kammula is going to do ‘Leader’ 2. Full details of this project will be known soon.

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