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Suresh Chakravarthy Entry – He visited Bigg Boss 6 house!



Suresh Chakravarthy, who has entered the Bigg Boss house, has divided the housemates. Bigg Boss Season 6 has reached its finale. The show started with 21 contestants and now there are only 7 contestants. In this, Amudavanan won the finale ticket and entered the Bigg Boss finals. Azeem, Vikraman, Shivin, and Kathir are said to be the most likely to make it to the finals next.

In this case, on the 92nd day today, Suresh Thatha entered the Bigg Boss house, it was revealed in the third promo released today. Suresh Chakravarthy is a Bharatanatyam artiste who has acted in many films. In particular, actor Suresh Chakravarthy will play the role of Athirampattinam Sokku in Alagan starring Mammootty.

Suresh Chakravarthy Entry
Suresh Chakravarthy Entry

Suresh Chakravarthy Entry

Chef Suresh Chakravarthy also runs a hotel abroad. Suresh Chakravarthy, who participated in Bigg Boss season 4, has appeared in TV shows frequently since then. Suresh Chakravarthy also participated in Vijay TV’s Bigg Boss Celebration. In this case, Suresh Chakravarthy, who often reviews the Bigg Boss Season 6 show on his social media page, entered the Bigg Boss house today.

Suresh Chakravarthy, who appeared as Jolna Pai and has a shaved head, participated by giving Amudavanan a CD of the Janani Janani song as soon as he arrived. Next, Suresh, who gives ADK the little Ural that breaks the bottle, has made ADK die by talking to his grandfather. At that time, Amudavanan, who is also blowing with him, shouts that you are an old woman, but you are an old woman, and you are too soaked.

Suresh Chakravarthy Entry
Suresh Chakravarthy Entry

After seeing the property that Suresh Chakravarthy gave to Amudavanan and ADK, the netizens are in a panic as to what he is going to give us next. Rapper ADK, who has appeared in Bigg Boss, hails from Singapore. Ever since she participated in the Bigg Boss show, he has made it a habit to talk.

He often backbites one competitor to another. But ADK doesn’t talk about it in front of the people involved. Seeing this, netizens criticized him many times on social media. In this case, the netizens who saw this promo for today’s episode are saying that today’s episode is boring.

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