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Spider-Man Records – Huge box office collection for a foreign movie!



Not to mention the craze for ‘Spider-Man’ movies worldwide. It is known that this franchise, which has been entertaining movie fans for two decades, is based on the Marvel Comic Book. In India, Spider-Man films have gained an immense craze. Superhero films are creating a tsunami of revenue at the box office in our country too. The latest movie in the series ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ has also won the hearts of Indian cinema lovers. This is the ninth film in the ‘Spider-Man’ series. ” No Way Home ” has released on December 16 in English as well as Telugu, Tamil and Hindi. The highly anticipated film grossed Rs 138.55 crore on its opening weekend. This made it the biggest movie in India in 2021 in terms of openings.

Spider-Man Records

Spider-Man Records:

It also became the 2nd highest-grossing opening weekend grossing Hollywood movie of all time in India. ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ is still being screened at House Fulls in many parts of the country. The movie ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home, released by Sony Pictures Entertainment on a massive scale, has crossed the half-billion-dollar mark worldwide in just five days. The film broke post-pandemic records worldwide at $ 587.2 million in its first weekend. The ‘Spider-Man’ franchise movie is not only the 3rd biggest weekend opener in the international market. It is clear that it has also dominated the Indian market. The collections of ‘No Way Home’ so far are as follows.

Thursday – 32.67 Cr NBOC & 41.50 Cr GBOC

Friday – 20.37 Cr NBOC & 25.67 Cr GBOC

Saturday – 26.10 Cr NBOC & 33.67 Cr GBOC

Sunday – 29.23 Cr NBOC & 37.71 Cr GBOC

Total – 108.37 Cr NBOC & 138.55 Cr GBOC

(NBOC – Net Box Office Collections & GBOC – Gross Box Office Collections)

Spider-Man Records

John Watts directed “Spider-Man: No Way Home”. It stars Tom Holland (Peter Parker) – Benedict Cumberbatch (Dr. Strange) – Zandaya – Jacob Battalon – John Favre – Marisa Tomai. With the appearance of three Spider-Mans in it, a huge hype was created on this movie from the very beginning.

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