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Sir Movie Update – Dhanush Direct First Telugu Movie!



It is known that Dhanush, who is shining as a star hero in Tamil, has a good reputation in Hindi for a long time. As a hero, Dhanush tried to prove his stardom by doing films not only in Tamil but also in Hindi and English and he continues to do so. Here is the Sir Movie Update.

But he failed to create a big market in Tollywood. Most of the films starring Dhanush as the hero have been dubbed in Telugu as well, but there are very few records of commercial success. That is why Telugu director Venky Atluri is ready to make the film under the direction of the Telugu audience.

Sir Movie Update
Sir Movie Update

Sir Movie Update

It has been many days since the shooting of the movie ‘Sir’ started in the duo’s combo. The shooting was also coming to an end. But it is known that Dhanush sir got infected with Corona during the shooting. It is getting a bit, late sir. The movie, which is being made simultaneously in Telugu and Tamil, is going to be dubbed and released in Hindi as well as other South languages.

Efforts are being made to promote it as a direct Telugu film. As part of that, efforts are being made to dub the Telugu version with Dhanush himself. Dubbing is a bit difficult to match Dhanush’s body language. That’s why the members of the unit feel that dubbing him will give the film an extra attraction.

Sir Movie Update
Sir Movie Update

Dhanush, who speaks in Telugu, came to the decision of dubbing for the movie ‘Sir’ after struggling a bit. It is really commendable that he wants to dub his own character instead of just acting. Many of our Telugu heroes are acting in other languages. But only a few people are dubbing in those languages.

There are many cases where dubbing for a film has yielded good results even if there is a language problem. That’s why he is ready to do not only acting but also dubbing for Sir.

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