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Shivin’s Memories – Here are some Bigg Boss Highlights!



Fans who watched today’s third promo of Bigg Boss are upset. Bigg Boss will end next Sunday. 5 contestants are in the Bigg Boss house as finalists. One contestant has already exited this finale week with the cashbox task. In this case, Bigg Boss, who has given the money box task for the second time, is planning to evict a contestant.

Shivin’s Memories
Shivin’s Memories

In this case, ahead of the finale week, Bigg Boss has set the photos of the path taken by the contestants in Bigg Boss house as flashing lights like never before in the garden area of Bigg Boss house. And every contestant has been calling and releasing videos of their days and unforgettable moments in the Bigg Boss house. Competitors are excited to see it. They are also thanking Bigg Boss profusely.

Shivin’s Memories

Meanwhile, the third promo for today’s episode has been released. In it, Bigg Boss praises Shivin by making her stand on a special platform set up in the garden area. I mean, Shivin, you are proud of this house, this show, and why an entire community. You don’t have to go to any town to hide anymore. He proudly says that when you set foot in the outside world, many mothers are ready to welcome you as their daughter.

Shivin’s Memories
Shivin’s Memories

Thank you, Shivin, for everything that Bigg Boss had to say. He cries that I think I have finished the work I came for. Netizens are shocked to see this promo of the Bigg Boss show. Shivin, a transgender, is an engineer. After many struggles in her life, she participated in Bigg Boss. Shivin who played with integrity and quality in the Bigg Boss show had a perfect understanding of the Bigg Boss show.

Many times, Kamal Haasan himself has asked him for his opinion. People’s opinion and Shivin’s opinion has been consistent in many places. Shivin, who has played well, is one of the finalists of Bigg Boss today. Many people are showing their support for Shivin on their social media pages. It is noteworthy that Shivin, who has been nominated for most of the weeks, has been saved by people every week.

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