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Sarpatta Paramparai Review – Good plot from Ranjith for Arya!



Did the Sarpatta Paramparai film released on OTT meet the expectations of the fans amidst huge anticipation for Arya’s performance in the Pa Ranjith direction? Check it out in this package. Pa. Ranjith speaks of the rise of the common man in a story centered on the feud between two boxing teams that was popular in the 1970s in North Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Ranjith, who has written a story with an emphasis on human emotions, has moved away from the template for regular sports films and has also come to the forefront of the 70s in North India. Arya, who has a stunning six-pack physique to give tough to real boxers. He also has intimidated for his part by giving the best performance of his career. Arya has really done justice to the verse he speaks in the film as it is time to prove who I am.

Sarpatta Paramparai Review

Sarpatta Paramparai Review:

The film has many compelling supporting characters like Dancing Rose, daddy, Rangan Master, and Mariamma. Also, the cast is a huge strength of the characters as they show their full potential and bring the characters to life. Although the film runs for almost 3 hours, Ranjith is celebrated as a screenwriter. He celebrates for writing a brilliant screenplay without any hesitation. And since the story takes place in the 70s, it is even more surprising that the current politics of the day, such as Emergency, Misa, and the dissolution of the regime, are recorded in conjunction with the story. Santosh Narayanan conveys the power of the scenes to the audience through the background music.

Sarpatta Paramparai Review

Ranjith, who continues to emphasize the politics of the oppressed people in his films. Also his politics in a way that suits the story in this film as well. Similarly, Ranjith, who is constantly recording realistic love scenes in his films, has beautifully portrayed the tender feelings between husband and wife in this film as well. All in all, Ranjith, who is in the ring amidst huge expectations. On the verge of victory by giving a knockout punch.

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