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Salute on OTT – Star hero movies will be banned for this decision!



There is no need to introduce Dulquer Salman, who is known as a star hero in Malayalam. He is known for his talent in Malayalam as well as Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, and Hindi audiences. Making a different movie. The guy who owns an image of himself has recently got into a controversy. The Kerala Cinema Theatres Association has clarified that his film has banned in Kerala.

Salute on OTT

Salute, the latest film starring Dulquer, who has acquired an image of his own in a very short period of time, will be released directly on OTT. Not to mention the reason for the latest ban is the release of this movie. The reason for this is that instead of releasing his film directly, he is releasing it in OTT. The movie Salute, starring a powerful police officer, has initially expected to be released in theatres.

Salute on OTT

Arrangements have also made for that. But what happened in the middle of that the controversy erupted. The filmmakers mentioned that their film will be releasing in OTT exceptionally. The movie will be releasing on Sony Live on the 18th of this month. Outraged by this, the owners of Kerala cinema theatres have said that Dulquer movies are being banned in Kerala. And we have to see if this controversy goes anywhere else.

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