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RRR Single – Koelae Song released and trending on YouTube!



As the release of India’s most awaited movie `RRR` approaches, it is known that the unit is busy with promotional activities. The unit works hard to use the available time wisely and bring as much buzz to the film as possible. Recently, a video song titled ‘Ettara Jenda’ was released from ‘RRR’ yesterday. In this NTR, Ram Charan, Alia Bhatt played. Jakkanna released this song while remembering the martyrs like Kode Gittal who broke the horns and set fire to the foreign rule.

RRR Single

The song is currently getting good responses on social media. However, with the release of the video song before the release of the movie, many doubts are coming to the screen. They say that this song will not be in the movie it is just a promotional song. Earlier, the song `Dosti` was also released as a promotional song. There was a good response to that song. Against this backdrop, it seems that fans are drawing attention by releasing the song Ettara Zenda once again. What are two promotional songs in the same movie? Doubt is coming.

RRR Single
RRR Single

RRR Single

An interesting answer came out in this context. It will be three years since the movie started. All work was delayed due to viruses such as corona, including shooting. Several release dates have also been announced and withdrawn. Due to that, the movie was postponed from time to time. Wallpapers are supposed to be released under any circumstances but exceptionally then postponed. The fans were deeply disappointed. It has been speculated that `RRR` will not be released at this time. It was during this gap that Jakkanna filmed the tall flag song as a promotion anthem now it is heard that they are being used as a promotional anthem.

RRR Single
RRR Single

But will the film be postponed again behind bringing in a second promotional song? That doubt began in some. A major reason for that is coming to the fore. Now again the China Corona is taking down the lock with a new variant. Lockdown is already in effect in some areas. The number of cases with the Stealth Omicron variant is increasing significantly. Foreign embassies are concerned that the virus could spread to other countries. Warnings have already been issued to take precautionary measures. Movie theatres are the first to close when state governments receive reports from the center.

Is there a postponement plan for `RRR` again because of that? Is that why you are releasing a video song now and diverting attention? Anna’s Reasons are heard. Anyway, the corona trend continues so there are situations where it is impossible to say when or what will happen.

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