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RRR Pre-release cancelled – Due to Corona third wave panic!



Most Awaited Movie RRR. Apart from Ram Charan and Young Tiger NTR fans, Telugu moviegoers of other languages ​​are also waiting for this movie. Rajamouli finished almost the entire shooting of the film. While the shooting of only two songs was in balance the film crew went to Ukraine for that. Information that these two songs will be shot almost ten days a week. All the updates already released from this movie are creating hype on the movie by increasing the interest among the audience. The producers have announced that the movie will be released on October 13 as a Dasara gift. Until then we will have to wait and see how the Covid conditions turn out. Already these movie promotions have started on a huge scale. So, we can expect some big functions related to the movie in the coming days.

Ram Charan
RRR Pre-release cancelled

RRR Pre-release canceled:

There is nothing wrong with expecting functions for a big movie like RRR at a time when small film directorial producers are spending quotes on release events. But in Film Nagar, the propaganda is different. There is a lot of hype that there will be no release events like the audio functions related to this movie. It seems that some TV channels only have events in Rajamouli style. Everyone thinks there is no reason for this either. It seems that the movie team does not want to do any public functions in the wake of the Corona panic. Information that they think the movie will get a bad name if they do law functions where people gather in one place. Tells the range in which the Bahubali promotion programs were conducted.

RRR Pre-release cancelled

The Bahubali ceremony was held in the presence of a large crowd of fans at the main gate of Ramoji Film City. It is learned that the pre-release ceremony was cancelled due to Corona Panic. Members of the film unit at a time when the RRR ceremony was expected to go beyond that. Since Rajamouli acts as a responsible person, a large percentage of people think that he may not perform these ceremonies. An official statement on the matter is yet to come.

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