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Robert asks for the Number – Rachita stabbed him in a task!



Robert Master asked Rachita for her phone number in Bigg Boss season 6 house which is telecasted on Vijay TV. Bigg Boss Season 6 GP Muthu, Asal Kolar, Shivin Ganesan, Aseem, Robert Master, Ayesha, Sherina, Manikandan, Rajesh, Rachita, Ram Ramasamy, ADK, Janani, Shanthi, Vikraman, Amudavanan, Maheshwari, VJ Kathiravan, Quincy, Nivashani, Maina Nandini and Contenders Dhanalakshmi participated.

Robert asks for the Number
Robert asks for the Number

Robert asks for the Number

After two weeks of this season, GP Muthu, who received an overwhelming response from the fans, left the Bigg Boss house on his own, saying that his family has worried about him. Metti Olli serial actress Shanthi, Asal Kolar, Maheshwari, and Serena have been eliminated from the Bigg Boss house. Nivashini has evicted last week.

Robert Master has been courting Rachita ever since she entered the Bigg Boss house. In this case, Robert cried saying that Rachita had stabbed him in the back at the Royal Museum task held in Bigg Boss house last week. Because of this, Rachita was also upset, and after that, Robert apologized and started putting the fish again.

Robert asks for the Number
Robert asks for the Number

In this case, Robert has asked for Rachita’s contact number. Robert went to Rachita who has cooking in the kitchen and said, ‘I have to ask for your phone number for two weeks. Is there a reason? I have asked for the number since the original has gone,’ and he said, ‘You are asking me that this is a matter.

Do you remember the number? Do you have a pen and paper?’, he said, “It was you who did not give the number.” To which Rachita said, “Oh, don’t start from first again” and started cooking again. It is noteworthy that Rachita has nominated Robert Master in this week’s nomination.

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