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Ranbir and Alia – Got married and started their new journey!



Bollywood couple Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt have tied the knot. On Thursday, the two families got married in a grand ceremony at the Vastu apartment in Bandra in the presence of a small number of guests. Alia Bhatt shared this with fans. The wedding photo has shared on a social media platform. Alia Bhatt revealed some interesting things about the wedding on this occasion. “Our wedding took place on the balcony where we have been in love for the past five years. I am very happy, “he said. Also shared very intimate photos during their wedding. The newlyweds are shining in wedding dresses.

Ranbir and Alia
Ranbir and Alia

Ranbir and Alia

The two wore flower garlands around their necks. The two look like the same type of designer outfit. Alia Bhatt’s expensive jewelry on her neck is a special attraction. On the forehead wearing a red sticker underneath that. The bride’s hand is seen by the groom. Promise to be together for the rest of your life from now on will not give up under any circumstances. In another photo, the couple is seen kissing on the lips after the wedding. Alia’s boyfriend stared into Ranbir’s embrace, stared into her eyes, and kissed her on the lips. In another photo, it looks like another is drowning in each other’s arms and smiling at the camera.

Ranbir and Alia
Ranbir and Alia

In another pic, Alia Bhatt is seen kissing Ranbir while saying something in her husband’s ear. Overall, Ranbir-Alia’s wedding photos are immersing their fans in joy. The five-and-a-half-year wait ended today. Are you getting married? Staying lovers? Many such doubts came to the fore. Everything has come to a permanent full stop with today. Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor fans on social media platforms congratulating the newlyweds on their wedding day. Actors and producers in all industries are expressing their wishes. A large-scale reception has organized at the 5 Star Hotel in Mumbai on the 17th of this month. Bollywood and other industry celebrities are likely to attend the event.

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