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Ram Charan at look test – For upcoming movie RC15!



It is known that RC-15 is the biggest hit in the mega power star Ram Charan-star filmmaker Shankar combination. Speculations hit Sky after the official announcement of the film. It is rumored that Charan will be seen as the IAS Turned CEO in this movie. There is nothing more to be said about Shankar script selection. No matter what storyline he chooses his specialty is to show it as Universal. His characters are close to reality while remaining unique. There is no doubt that Shankar’s elevation is on another level when it comes to the look of heroes.

Ram Charan at look test

Ram Charan at look test:

Shankar does not hesitate to project from different angles depending on the character’s demand. He has unveiled stars like Rajinikanth, Vikram, Arjun, and also Raghuvaran. Now it is interesting to note that mega power star Ram Charan will be unveiled on the silver screen in the same manner. It has already been revealed that the movie line is what it would be like if an IAS officer became a politician. The suspense over the cherry characterization design is heightened.

Ram Charan at look test

It is reported that Cherry is currently working on the look seriously. Information that Charan is undergoing a massive look test. There is a lot of hype that we will see the newest Charan on the silver screen that we have never seen before. Also, Charan is busy shooting for `RRR` songs. Also played a key role in the movie `Acharya`. The film is busy with two shootings in the background. As an Acharya producer, Charan takes great care of Chiranjeevi. It seems that Charan will completely go for filming with Shankar after the completion of these projects. Meanwhile, Charan is planning a test shoot on the look. Also, this photoshoot be held in Hyderabad, Chennai, or Mumbai?

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