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Rajinikanth admitted to Hospital – let’s wish him a speedy recovery!



Recently, popular movie hero Rajinikanth has admitted to hospitals. Meanwhile, Rajini fell seriously ill during the shooting of Annaatthe movie in Hyderabad. The film unit immediately rushed Rajinikanth to the hospital. Rajani’s daughter came to Hyderabad from Chennai. After a week of treatments, he flew to Chennai on a special flight. The hero’s daughter said that there was no need to worry that Rajini was ill at the time. Why was Rajini treated in the ICU for a week if he has a minor ailment or a common ailment? Do doctors treat anyone who stays in the ICU for a week if they come to the hospital for regular check-ups for a common illness? Such a situation is now facing Rajini again. Rajani was admitted to a hospital in Chennai on Thursday morning and is being treated by doctors in the ICU.

Rajinikanth admitted to Hospital

Rajinikanth admitted to Hospital:

The same statement from Rajini’s wife Latha even now. Doctors said that Rajini has admitted to the hospital with a minor illness and has examined. Although he is a minor patient, there is no answer as to why he is being treated in the ICU. Shortly after leaving for Chennai for treatment in Hyderabad, Rajini flew to the US on a special flight with his family. Rajini said at the time that he was going to America for medical examinations just for rest. It should be noted here, however, that there was a lot of hype that he has gone to Singapore and treated him. This means that Rajini understands that he has some serious health problems. But there is no clarity for the fans and the masses on the matter itself. It has rumored that Rajini is suffering from a kidney problem for a long time.

Rajinikanth admitted to Hospital

If the same is true then there are many alternative ways for famous celebrities like Rajini to get out of a kidney problem. Apart from that, if he has often admitted to the hospital and treated in the ICU, it means that there is something else serious. And when will that problem come out? It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Let’s see what happens in the end.

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