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Rachita on Robert Master – Here are some Highlights from the house!



Netizens are criticizing that even the young people are playing tricks on old love in the Bigg Boss house chatter. Usually, in Bigg Boss house, young people fall in love and the interplay between them is interesting but in this season. Also, we see old age love like never before in Bigg Boss house.

As if Robert Master Rachita is hanging around behind it, Robert Master and Rachitha are beyond that and we get the feeling of watching a film through Rishi.

Rachita on Robert Master
Rachita on Robert Master

Bigg Boss has completed 5 seasons so far and the sixth season is going on successfully. Every season a couple or two couples fall in love in the Bigg Boss house. This love has come under criticism at various times. We have seen from the beginning that all the contestants who have come this season are different. The first crush couple in season 6 was the original Kolar and Nivashini. Nivashani, a Singaporean girl, has mesmerized by Kasimedu’s original Kolar style as she twirled behind him.

Rachita on Robert Master

In the beginning, the news of love came here and there slightly from the royal side, the developments were posted by netizens from time to time and teased. It has nothing to do with Rachita but it is said that it is Robert Master who is going around and around behind. He also had a great deal of outside support.

Rachita on Robert Master
Rachita on Robert Master

Apparently, the other contestants started teasing Robert Master after her. When Raksita allowed it every time Robert came to the master and smiled without frowning. Also, everyone thought that as an actress she has seen how many people like this so she is handling it normally. Rachita was walking around together as a king and queen should always be together.

No one noticed that this was happening on task. But Robert Master has seen to smile and allow Rachita to approach her from time to time without showing proper resistance. Master acted as if he was teaching her archery as she hugged and hugged Rachita from behind during the Raja Rani task. Rachita did not show any resistance to this. Emboldened by this, Robert Master slowly began to throw his weapon. He took ownership and started talking.

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