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Rachita and Robert – Here are some highlights from the house!



Bigg Boss has released a promo video where Rachita Mahalakshmi gives a shock to Robert Master. Along with the current contestants, former contestants also stay in the Bigg Boss 6 house. Bigg Boss has come to the conclusion that the show is about to end and everyone can be made friends. Maheshwari, Quincy, and Shanti Akka who don’t like Azeem become friends by tying a friendship band to him. In this case, the next promo video has been released.

Rachita and Robert
Rachita and Robert

Rachita and Robert

The promo video starts with Amudhavanan saying that the only person I hate is Shivin. Shivin is smiling happily hearing what Amudhavanan said. After that, Amudhavanan ended his speech by saying that Shivin and I have become very close.

Dhanalakshmi, who came after Amudhavanan, is expected to talk about Azeem but has talked about Vikraman. Dhana said I spoke well because they told me to come. But when you make a band now, why did we do it, it seems that everyone has made the game themselves. I truly apologize to you. Hearing that, Vikraman got up from his seat and hugged Dhanalakshmi, and accepted her as a friend. The visitors say that they need to be blindfolded to see this miracle.

Rachita and Robert
Rachita and Robert

Seeing that Vikraman and Dhanalakshmi were friendly, Azeem said Appreciated them. After that, Rachita Mahalakshmi and Robert Master, who is in love with her, came in front of everyone. Rachita said I will tell you even now. Nothing is wrong with me. Anyone can catch anyone at any time. Rachita looked at Robert Master and said I want to have a beautiful friendship beyond this. Also, the promo video is over.

People who have seen the promo video have said that Rachita dropped thunder on Robert Master’s head like this. That’s right, no one can be forced to fall in love. Dhanalakshmi couldn’t believe what she heard. They said that Amudhavanan does not like Shivin. Meanwhile, BB fans are saying that Vikraman is the title winner.

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