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Quincy Evicted – Here are some Bigg Boss Highlights!



It was said that Dhanalakshmi is leaving the Bigg Boss 6 house this week. But not Dhanalakshmi instead Quincy has been kicked out. Quincy has been evicted from the Bigg Boss 6 house. Viewers tease that they sent you home and sleep in peace. It’s time to evict one of the contestants in the Bigg Boss 6 house. It was earlier reported that Dhanalakshmi, who had a terrible shouting match this week, is being evicted. But it was not Dhanalakshmi but Quincy who took the name of Mixer Mami who was evicted. Observers say the big thing is that Quincy has crossed 50 days.

Quincy Evicted
Quincy Evicted

Quincy Evicted

Earlier they made Quincy the judge during the court task. Then the audience was amazed to see him angry. The city got angry and they made memes saying Vasi. Quincy has been doing this eat, sleep, repeat every since he arrived. For this, the audience questioned him every day as to why he should participate in the Bigg Boss show and he was evicted.

Bigg Boss viewers who came to know about Quincy’s eviction said, “You sent little Hansika Quincy.” Should have done it earlier. It doesn’t matter. They said that it just appeared. And some have said, we will miss Quincy. Who will vote for this Maina Nandini, and Rachita Mahalakshmi? Quincy was the man who should have won the title from the end. They say that they conspired and chased them away. Just mentioning Quincy’s name, Bigg Boss viewers remember him sleeping. In this case, no one has let you sleep peacefully in the Bigg Boss house. They have gone to your house and asked if you will sleep well.

Quincy Evicted
Quincy Evicted

Quincy was right to be kicked out. Next week Bigg Boss will evict Maina Nandini or Rachita Mahalakshmi. Is there a wild card entry this week? If so, the audience has requested that you announce who is going to come and release a promo video. Earlier they said that Rachita’s husband Dinesh is coming through the wild card. No, no I am not going to Bigg Boss house. It is noteworthy that I am too busy to go even if they call.

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