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Prithviraj Second Movie – Bro Daddy with Mohanlal!



Preparations are underway to remake the Malayalam super hit movie Lucifer in Telugu as well as other languages. Megastar Chiranjeevi is remaking the interesting political drama Lucifer in Telugu. The way the story unfolds is impressive even though it has a different theme. That is why Lucifer was a success. Lucifer has directed by Prithviraj Sukumaran. Prithviraj, who has acted in many films as a character artist as a hero, had success with his first film Lucifer as a director. In this Situation, Prithviraj’s Second movie is Bro Daddy with Mohanlal has announced recently.

Bro Daddy Poster
Prithviraj Second Movie

Now the same Prithviraj has announced his second film as a director. Prithviraj is all set to release his second movie with Malayalam superstar Mohanlal. Prithviraj himself has already made an official statement on the matter. The actor-cum-director has finalized the title ‘Bro Daddy’ for the second film. Mohanlal fans are confident that the concept will definitely be different as the title is very different. Depending on the title, there is a possibility that another hero will be in the film along with Mohanlal. The upcoming second film by Prithviraj is also a success but is likely to be remake in other languages. Expectations are high that the Malayalam super hit movie Lucifer is already a director movie. Audiences in other languages ​​are also discussing Bro Daddy.

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