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Pooja Hegde Movies – One of the Busiest Actress in Industry!



The Mutta bomma Pooja Hegde is acting opposite Vijay in the movie Beast in Kollywood. Launched as a massive action thriller, the film is set to release on April 13. With this, the unit seems to have started campaigning. As part of this, Pooja Hegde seems to be very enthusiastic about promoting the film. Pooja Hegde herself posted a photo of a promotional song in the movie on Instagram. It seems that the photo was taken in the middle of the Vijay-Pooja Hegde-Anirudh-Nelson song shoot. Shining in four colorful outfits. Looks like the set was built and shot specifically for this song. However, Pooja Hegde’s posting of the Beast photo has become a topic of discussion. Earlier, Radeshyam has involved in the campaign.

Pooja Hegde Movies

Then something seemed to be involved in the procrastination. Prabhas appeared to be tight-lipped even though he was next to her. The interviewer satirically answered the question that the chemistry between the hero-heroines in the movie is not to be seen except outside. No post related to the Radheshyam movie has been posted on the Instagram account. With this, some people today are recalling those two occasions and commenting that the excitement that was not there then has come to Pooja Hegde all at once. On top of that, he put his hand in the hand with the hero Vijay and posed for more cams.

Pooja Hegde
Pooja Hegde Movies

When it comes to the Pooja Hegde movie lineup, megastar Chiranjeevi starred in Acharya starring as the protagonist. The film is ready for release after completing all the work. In Bollywood, she is starring opposite Ranveer Singh in Circus. Rohit Shetty is directing the film. Information that two more projects have been signed.

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