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Pongal Celebration in BB – Check out highlights from the house!



As usual, Vikraman started talking about politics saying that today is the day that the name ‘Tamil Nadu’ was created beyond Pongal. Do you know what you’re talking about?” The reason why DD said that is known only to outsiders. DD’s dialogue in particular was soulful. Talking to someone is different. Talking to his mind is different. In that way, DD spoke intimately to the mind of each contestant. That’s why everyone shed tears of emotion. If it is full of sweets only, it will be thick. So, there were some disputes and quarrels in that house. Celebration with them?!

Pongal Celebration in BB
Pongal Celebration in BB

Pongal Celebration in BB

Bigg Boss tried to warm up people by singing a song related to Pongal in the morning. Some of them got up deftly and were standing at the door with their bath weed, while others were still sleeping restlessly. “Wake up Danalakshmi” Azeem said while lying down, “Get up first and say that” said Muthu. Shivin happily drags him out. “Let the man sleep for a while

Music blared at the main door. It means someone is going to have a guest. DD came in with the ‘walking stick’ code. There was a reason for that. After questioning everyone, he gave a special compliment, ‘You are beautiful, Vikraman.’ Bigg Boss greets DD with a characteristically endearing voice. DD cheered people up by saying, “This show has a significant audience even in foreign countries like Russia, South Africa, and Kazakhstan” just like a Toothpowder advertisement.

Pongal Celebration in BB
Pongal Celebration in BB

Ok! can we start the Pongal? If you need the necessary items impress me,” DD said with a smile and was given royal respect. For Ram to hold an umbrella, for Asim to bring water, for Amudhavanan to show jaggery, to sing Kathiravan, and for Shanti and Maheshwari to dance, the only happiness is Dancing. DD was taken aback by the strange hospitality. The added surprise was that Vikraman also danced. DD tried to pull and push forward Robert Master who was standing alone. The master remained aloof with a pitiful face throughout the day saying, “Let’s bow down and pray to the goddess.”

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