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Panchatantra in Bigg Boss House – Getting fire inside the house!



The Luxury Budget Task is on the go at the Big Boss show. Accordingly, the Big Boss contestants are offered the opportunity to help their nominated friends by taking coins in this task called ‘Panchatantra’. Accordingly, each of the competitors has engaged in an effort to save one another. In this they came together as a group to save one another, and to save one another personally, and to take coins alternately for themselves, giving them to one another and hiding them. As Abhinay watched while Niroop was taking the coin in this position after Niroop went to Jail, the next rivals went to jail and finally, everyone came out one by one. In this situation, the last Thamarai Selvi has helped by giving Ciby a Coin. Similarly, Ciby gave the coin to Isai.

Bigg Boss
Panchatantra in Bigg Boss House

Panchatantra in Bigg Boss House:

Then Pavani went to Akshara’s bedroom and look at Akshara “Do you have any problem with me?” To hear that, Akshara says “no”. Pavani continued, “If there is any such issue, do not nominate me or write back!” Says that directly. To which Akshara replied, “What did I say? What did I write? I don’t even need to talk to you like that!” So, to speak, Pavani again, says the same thing. Akshara, Raju, and Imaan go alone and tell him about what happened after that. Similarly for Priyanka, to strengthen the suspicion of who owns the last coin, he first examined the Chinna Ponnu. Following that Abhishek and Priyanka went to Raju and talked about whether he has taken Coin for Akshara. Panchatantra in Bigg Boss House by housemates.

Bigg Boss
Panchatantra in Bigg Boss House

While Priyanka and Abhishek are talking while Mathumita and Akshara are seated, Pavani enters the house and tells Akshara to nominate Pavani. Thus, Coin’s task is becoming riotous and chaotic at the Big Boss house.

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