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OTT Business – Kollywood industry is emerging on the OTT platform!



Cinema is ultimately business. In the beginning, you need money to hit the coconut in the end you also need money to hit the pumpkin. In this business that revolves around all the money if there are some who earn there are many who lose everything! However, even if the film is made with difficulty there are not many films that can be released and languish in the labs. If more than 300 films are shot in the Tamil film industry every year at least 10 to fifteen percent of the films are not released. Needless to say, the main problem is the economy. Some theatres are not available Others have to be sold for a small amount Producers are losing crores of rupees.

OTT Business

OTT Business:

Under such circumstances, a new idea was born in the Tamil industry. That is OTT is expected to start a company on behalf of the industry. It is a known fact that there are many OTTs now. But those OTTs also do business. So, they are only buying cheap movies that are cheap. These short films are having trouble here. In this context, an OTT has been established on behalf of the industry you are looking to play short films that are not looking for release. It seems that the producer is planning to hand over the money to the producer. Information that this effort is currently in its infancy. If it comes to practice many producers say it will be good.

OTT Business

The opinion is being expressed that it would be better if the rest of the industries follow the Telugu industry in the same manner. Because there is a similar situation in all industries. It is often heard that short films are circulating that at least the theatre is not found. Therefore, they say that it would be good to provide a platform for such people to screen movies for free. And it remains to be seen how far this will be possible.

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