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Oscar Pictures claims for Anniyan Story – Arivazhagan supports Shankar!



Vikram starrer ‘Anniyan’, directed by ace director Shankar, was released in 2005 and was a huge success. In a situation like this succeeds. Actor Shankar had said a few days back that he was going to re-make Ranveer Singh in Hindi. In such a situation, the producer of the film Oscar Ravichandran had sent a notice that Shankar had issued the notice of the film without obtaining the proper permission to remake the film. In this situation, director Shankar has issued a notice for his role in retaliation for this accusation of Oscar Ravichandran. I have shocked to see the e-mail you sent asking for the right to ‘Anniyan’ notice. Everyone involved in this film knows that the story and screenplay of the film are mines. The story, screenplay, and direction of the film released under the name Shankar.

Anniyan Movie poster

Oscar Pictures claims for Anniyan Story:

I did not appoint anyone to write the screenplay for the film. So, I have the right to use this screenplay as I like. Writer Sujatha was only hired to write the dialogues for the film. Approval has given for that. I have the screenplay so I have every right to use it as I wish. Neither you nor your company can claim any rights. The film cannot be remade. That right is not given to you in writing. You have no basis for the story that you own the rights to the story of the film in the absence of anything like that. You have made a significant profit as a producer with the film ‘Anniyan’. Shankar has said that you are now unfairly seeking to benefit from my future endeavors which have little to do with you.

In this situation, Arivazhagan, who worked as an assistant to director Shankar in the film ‘Anniyan’, has expressed his support for director Shankar in the remake of ‘Anniyan’. Also, the director who made the hit films ‘Eram’ and ‘Vallinam’ said on his Twitter page, ‘As an assistant director in the film’ Anniyan ‘, I would like to express my support to the director Shankar.’ His first film Eram was produced by Shankar and Vallinam by Oscar Ravichandran.

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