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Omicron Threat – Tollywood Movies that affects due to new Variant!



The new variant of the Corona Omicron B1.1.529 is now going to challenge the world. The articles on this variant, which has become obsolete in South Africa, are alarming. The WHO has already warned that a third-wave threat is looming. The central government is also preparing to release guidelines. Will it be locked down again? Anna’s suspicions are growing. The impact of Omicron will be beyond the second wave Infecting Omicron with two doses of the vaccine is now troubling everyone. I do not know when it will break. Speculations are coming to the fore that it will have an impact from the beginning of next year.

Omicron Threat

Omicron Threat:

If that happened then Tollywood would be in for a rude awakening. Right now, the conditions are coming under control. Breathing that everything is getting better. However, with the new variant, the theatres may be locked again or It looks likely that guidelines will be issued to maintain with 50 percent occupancy. If there were similar situations again the exhibitors would not be in a standing position. There are already thousands of theatres with OTT and also running at a loss. The latest new variant is sure to have an impact on Pan India films.

Omicron Threat

RRR, Radheshyam films are releasing in January. Also, in February some films including Acharya, Sarkar Vari Pata are ready for release. At a time like this, many feel that the release of films will be hampered if Covid sanctions come to the fore again.

Akhanda will be releasing on December 2. It seems that the movie has come out in a new variant. Also, Pushpa the Rise will be releasing on December 17. Almost all four of these films are expected to escape the new variant. It is hoped that from January onwards new ideas about movies will be provoked. So far all these are just indications. Also, it remains to be seen how this variant will have an impact in India which is moving towards complete vaccination.

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