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Navdeep About Thala – Shared the Pics through his Twitter handle!



Tollywood actor Navdeep is not established as a star hero but he is busy with some movies as an actor. He is making his presence felt by doing supporting roles in the films of Agra heroes. He is currently focusing on Kollywood as there are no big opportunities in Telugu. There he is acting in the movie `Veeram Devi` (Veeramadevi- Telugu). Sunny Leone is the main protagonist and Navdeep is the protagonist. Vadi Udayan is directing the film. It has been a long time since the movie started but the project is being delayed. Recently, Navdeep shared a throwback selfie with Kollywood star hero Tala Ajith on Twitter. This is a photo of me meeting Ajith a long time ago. He shows pure love. He praised that the voice of `Hai` is wonderfully mesmerizing.

Navdeep About Thala

Navdeep About Thala:

It features two riders in costume. And did those two accidentally meet while riding? Or attended any riding competitions? That needs to be known. However, adding a comment to this photo, Navdeep took Ajith’s personality to the skies. Ajit Simplicity Navdeep talks about the good qualities in him that are natural. He said he is very happy to share the photo with such a person. Currently, the movie ‘Valimai’ is releasing with Ajith as the protagonist. Young hero Karthik plays Pumpkin Hill. He actually wanted to hire Navdeep for the role first. But accidentally Karthik came into the project. So Navdeep had to miss the chance. Navdeep has recently become an Instagram platform for adventures on glacial rivers.

Navdeep About Thala

It is understood that Ajith was singing for his shooting. His getup has changed. Looks awful form. Also, Navdeep is completely sheltered with bushy beards. It is no exaggeration to say that KGF looks like a villain in this new getup. Perhaps his career looks set to get even better if he tries for roles like that. That aside the whole investigation has become a hot topic for four years after the SIT probe into the drugs case against Navdeep. The ED, which has already prosecuted several people in the Tollywood drugs case, is prosecuting Navdeep today. It is a whisper that despite inquiring into the stars involved in the case, no vital information has been obtained from them. In this context, there is a discussion on the trial of pub manager and actor Navdeep.

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