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Narappa in OTT– Will get released in Amazon Prime!



It is known that top producer D. Suresh Babu is producing the movie Back-to-Back. Suresh Productions – Suresh Distributions & Exhibition are the backbones of all this. However, the reliance on OTT by the owner of such a large producer cum theatres has been prominently debated in recent times. He was not interested in opening his own theatres though. The corona epidemic is on the decline but theatres are not trusting it. Whatever the reason, it seems that two big films being produced by Suresh Babu will be released in OTT. Narappa in OTT – releasing on Amazon Prime on July 24th. According to the Film fraternity, Suresh Babu has also tied up the remake of Drishyam 2 with Amazon Prime in the backdrop of the talk that Narappa is being released directly on Amazon Prime.

Narappa in OTT

It is rumored that Suresh Babu will get around Rs 85 crore for these two films combined. In the current scenario, the talk is that Suresh Babu has made a wise decision for the time being as these two films are unlikely to make such a huge collection even if they are released in theatre. It is rumored that he was cleverly sold to OTTs who were reluctant to take the risk. However, this has to be officially announced by Suresh Babu.

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