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Namitha (Bigg Boss) still inside the House? – Let’s watch out for an update!



Namitha Marimuthu is the main contestant in Big Boss Tamil Season 5. Namitha, the first transgender contestant to attend the Big Boss house, told her story on the storytelling task. Accordingly, she began to admit himself to a psychiatric hospital without his parents’ understanding. Later she escaped from there, where she has acquitted by a court judgment; Late she has said it all until her father and then mother agreed. Namitha Marimuthu, who has acted in 25 films so far, has involved in many social services for many, including transgender people like her. She, meanwhile, gets a little annoyed when she instructs the housemates with Priyanka to put the glass of tea and coffee in the jingle.

Namitha Marinuthu
Namitha (Bigg Boss) still inside the House

Namitha (Bigg Boss) still inside the House? Similarly, the conversation that started realistically with Thamarai Selvi turned into a moment of contradiction due to Thamarai Selvi’s silly speech, in which Namitha, who has a little upset, went late and spoke to Thamarai Selvi. Even then, she said, ‘If I show anger like that, later I will show love’. In this situation, Big Boss officially announced that Namitha has to leave the house due to unavoidable reasons. Meanwhile, it has rumored that Namitha has a corona and so she has admitted to the hospital. But according to the credible information we have received info that Namitha is still inside the Big Boss set and is likely to come back to the Big Boss house after some break. It is noteworthy, however, that the exact reason for Namitha and Big Boss leaving the house is not yet known.

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