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Nadia Eliminated from Bigg Boss House – 1st Contestant to leave the house!



Kamal Haasan has announced the first contestant to be eliminated from the Bigg Boss house in the 5th season of the Big Boss show airing on Vijay TV. The first day at the Big Boss house was attended by 18 people. The housemates are currently living in the Big Boss house after 15 days. Namitha Marimuthu has left the Bigg Boss house for unavoidable reasons. This was followed by 15 contestants, of whom Big Boss came out of the house nominated by the contestant, other contestants, and the public. According to the nomination list, actor Kamal Haasan was talking to the contestants on Agam TV. Then instead of asking who was going to leave the Big Boss house, Kamal took the paper in his hand and showed it to the people. Nadia has Eliminated from the Bigg Boss House by the voting system.

Bigg Boss

Nadia Eliminated from Bigg Boss House:

A Malaysian Tamil said she overcame her mother’s constant harassment, poverty, illiteracy, and going to work at a young age in the beauty industry, with the support of her loving husband, a Chinese man named Chang. She and the little girl were previously on the list of missing persons from the Big Boss house. Speaking about this, Nadia said, Also, “If I am being noticed on the missing person list, I am not missing, I am being noticed!” That meant itself. Following this, Nadia left the Big Boss house. The Housemates gave him strong words and sent her out expressing their love.


Welcoming her to the Big Boss stage, Kamal said, “Did you misunderstand what I said about Nadia vaanga Munnadiya. Go and see the children who miss you at home. Also, with the praise that millions of people have found you without taking this negatively. Nadia says, “I stopped thinking negatively after I came here.” She said that. Kamal Haasan also spoke in Chinese that he had questioned Nadia’s husband. Also, Nadia’s moments inside the Big Boss house were then compiled and aired briefly.

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