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Movie Lift in Struggle – Clash between Producer and Distributor!



The conflict between producer and distributor over the release of ‘Lift’ starring Big Boss Kavin has shocked fans. The movie ‘Lift’ which is ready for release is based on the famous Kavin performance through the show Big Boss. Filming for the film, directed by debutant director Vineeth has completed before last year’s corona curfew. The film stars Amrita opposite Kavin in the movie. Libra acquired the rights to the film, which has produced by EKAA Entertainment. All the rumors about the occasional ‘Lift’ release were responded to on behalf of Libra. EKAA Entertainment, the production company of the film ‘Lift’, has released a sensational report.

Movie Lift in Struggle

Movie Lift in Struggle:

In it, it said, “The Tamil Nadu theatrical release rights of EKAA Entertainment’s Tamil film ‘Lift’ were only contracted to producer Ravinder Chandrasekaran in April 2021. Following this, Ravinder Chandrasekaran did not act as specified in the contract and the contract has signed between our EKAA Entertainment and Ravinder Chandrasekaran. Following this, Dileep Kumar, the official of EKAA Entertainment, lodged a complaint with the Chennai Police against producer Ravinder Chandrasekaran. So, producer Ravinder Chandrasekaran has no patent for the Tamil film ‘Lift’. Therefore, we hereby inform the producer Ravinder Chandrasekaran not to contact any company for the theatrical release business of the Tamil film ‘Lift’.

Movie Lift in Struggle

All official news of the Tamil film ‘Lift’ has leaked to fans, journalists, and the media only by EKAA Entertainment, “the statement said. Libra has released a press release shortly after the release of the EKAA Entertainment report. In it, Lift’s filmmaker has automatically released a funny statement that his contract with Libra Productions has been terminated. We would like to inform you once again that the Tamil Nadu theatrical release rights of ‘Lift’ belong to Libra Productions. ‘Lift’ filmmaker and distributor have alternately released the statement which has caused shock among Kavin fans.

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