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Money Bag Task – Kathir has come out with the Money from BB!



Bigg Boss season 6 which is being aired on Vijay TV is now nearing its finale. Following this, the already eliminated contestants have entered the Bigg Boss house. In this case, one of the main contestants has left the Bigg Boss house with a money box in the much-awaited money box task.

So far, Metti Oli serial actress Shanthi, Asal Kolar, Maheshwari, Nivashani, Sherina, Robert Master, Quincy, Ram, Ayesha, Janani, Dhanalakshmi and Rachita have been eliminated from the Bigg Boss house. ADK has kicked out last week. Currently, Vikraman, Kathiravan, Maina Nandini, Shivin, and Amudhavanan were inside the Bigg Boss house.

Money Bag Task
Money Bag Task

Money Bag Task

Among them, Amudhavanan won the finale ticket and entered the finals. In this case, the contestants who left the house have given re-entry in Bigg Boss as the show will end in a few days. Also, some celebrities including Vijay TV serials have entered the Bigg Boss house. In this case, the much-awaited money box task took place yesterday. In this regard, the Bigg Boss contestants who have hung the bag of money in the garden area, any of the 6 finalists can leave with the money in it. It was also reported that with time, the money in the money bag will also increase.

Money Bag Task
Money Bag Task

Following this, fans were commenting that any one of Maina, Amudhavanan, or Kathiravan could take the money bag. In this case, all the other contestants ask him not to try to cut the bundle of money hanging in the garden area. But Kathiravan cuts the money bag.

Kathiravan has told his fellow contestants that he has taken this decision for money. After this, Aseem also said that everyone should respect his decision. Kathiravan has left with a bag of money which has caused a shock among the fans.

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