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Mohan Das Shooting begins with a bang – Title teaser here!



Vishnu Vishal has established success with different films, and also produced several commercial films like Velaiyinnu Vandutta Vellaikkaran, Kathanayakan, Silukkuvarpatti Singam. Director Ramkumar directed “Ratchasan” with Vishnu Vishal and Amala Paul in the lead roles which no one expected next.

Mohan Das Movie poster

Ratchasan released in 2018 and a huge hit among fans and inbox office. His last performance was in ‘Silukkuvarpatti Singam’. Vishnu Vishal is currently starring in Kaadan, Jagajala Killadi, and FIR. Kaadan is releasing on the 26th.

Mohan Das Title Teaser:

Murali Karthik the director of the film ‘Kalavu’ for the OTT platform, is directing Vishnu named “Mohan das”. Vishnu Vishal is acting and producing in this movie. The film will star Aishwarya Rajesh in the lead role and Indrajith Sukumaran, a popular actor in Malayalam cinema.

Vishnu Vishal has shared a video on his Twitter page of the Mohandas film crew hammering out a cake with the caption ‘Shoot Begins Today‘. Vishnu Vishal said he is very excited about this film and today is the start of the shoot and your blessings are always needed. In this situation, the shooting of this film has started today with Pooja.

The title teaser features Vishnu Vishal probably killing someone with a hammer, and then with his hands shivering to hold the blood-dripping hammer, he walks up the stairs. He further removes his blood-stained T-shirt and puts it into the washing machine. As the washing machine starts to spin, he sits down crushed and seems to be in emotional turmoil. The teaser starts with Mahatma Gandhi’s words –

“The future depends on what you do today!” and ends with “Might be a true story!”

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