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Mayavan Reloaded – CV Kumar updates the Sequel will begin soon!



Thirukumaran Entertainment has announced on its official Twitter page that the second part of the movie ‘Mayavan’ produced and directed by CV Kumar is in the making. ‘Mayavan’ is a 2017 film by CV Kumar and starring Sundeep Kishan, Lavanya Tripathi, Jackie Shroff, and Daniel Balaji. Although the film did not receive much acclaim at the time of its release. Later it has recently released on OTT during Corona Lockdown. In this case, the producer CV Kumar said that he is going to make the second part of the film. Kumar has officially announced. CV Kumar is the producer of the Tamil industry. Kumar made his directorial debut with the film ‘Mayavan’. He received accolades for handling a different storyline in the first film. The movie ‘Mayavan’, which has made at a huge cost, did not get enough attention from the fans at the time of its release.

Mayavan Movie Poster

Mayavan Reloaded:

The screenplay of this film is about a police officer thwarting the perverse attempt of a scientist. The character wants to live for more than a thousand years with the blessings of Saga. After ‘Managaram’, Sundeep Kishan had a great performance as a police officer in this film. Although the film has not celebrated at the time of its release, the film ‘Mayavan’ then attracted the attention of the fans. During the corona lockdown last year, the Hindi version of the movie ‘Mayavan’ has released on YouTube. Similarly, the movie ‘Mayavan’ has released on Amazon Prime. Many fans saw the film contacted CV Kumar and expressed their appreciation. Encouraged by this he said ‘I am glad my film is being celebrated somewhere’.

In this situation, the response to the film ‘Mayavan’ has given CV Kumar the inspiration to take the second part of it. In this regard, CV Kumar’s production company Thirukumaran Entertainment said on its official Twitter page. ‘We are delighted to be landing on our favorite magician land. What inspired us to this new endeavor to make the Mayavan sequel #MaayavanReloaded was the unconditional appreciation and support of the fans. There will be other updates on this on April 14.

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