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Manikanta Entry – Check out the Bigg Boss Highlights here!



Manikanta, who has come as a guest in the Bigg Boss 6 house, has caught everyone’s attention because of what he said about the show. Bigg Boss 6 was kept in the house without enough contestants. In this case, Bigg Boss is bringing former contestants as guests. Some of them are kept at home. In this case, the promo video of Manikanta Rajesh after Dhanalakshmi has released.

Manikanta Entry
Manikanta Entry

Manikanta Entry

Bigg Boss brought Dhanalakshmi to the house without anyone knowing. In this case, Bigg Boss bought the bulb thinking that Manikanta is confusing the housemates by making him talk like him. Maina Nandini was happy when she heard Bigg Boss’s voice asking how everyone is doing, hey, Mani.

A VIP is about to arrive. Be greeted with royal respect. When Mani told Maina to go to the store room, he went. There were two plates of rose petals. Maina Nandini and Dhanalakshmi brought it and sprinkled it on Manikandan who came through the door. The promo video ends with Manikanta telling the housemates that he didn’t watch the episode after I left.

Manikanta Entry
Manikanta Entry

Those who have seen the promo video have said that it is a royal honor only for Manikanta. Is Bigg Boss feeling guilty that he was unfairly evicted? The tough hour has come. A person has come to beat Azeem. It’s hard for 24 hours a day. They say Mani himself has not watched Bigg Boss. A meme has been made that only Vikraman fans are worried while the audience is having fun.

Asal stays in the Bigg Boss house. So don’t bring Nivashini. When Niva comes, the original Asal becomes the first to show her work. Also, Quincy is Where in Bigg Boss? Viewers have been questioning when Ayesha will return.

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