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Makkal Selvan – Mass and Fantastic Acting in Vikram Movie!



Vijay Sethupathi, who acted as a character artist at the beginning of his career, rose to the level of being known as Makkal Selvan in Tamil Nadu with his unique performance in the following days. He also received the award for National Best Actor in this order. Sethupathi, who is busy all year round, has been making a series of films irrespective of language. However, it seems that he has not been choosing characters that fall short of his range for the last while. Sethupathi is ready to do any role he likes. Acting as a hero and a villain in the same language Audiences’ admiration paid only to the talented actor. But now if you look at the role played by a typical actor in ‘Vikram‘ fans are commenting on how he agreed to play such a B grade villain role.

Makkal Selvan
Makkal Selvan

Makkal Selvan

Despite playing a full-fledged villain in the movie ‘Master’ is a character who is equal to the hero has gone without any trouble. Also, now Kamal Haasan is appearing as a mass local villain in the movie Fans are getting frustrated with the declining role of that character in the second half. They can’t digest killing as a regular villain character in the climax. Recently, films like ‘Labham’, ‘Annabelle Sethupathi’ and ‘Tughlaq Durbar’ starring Vijay Sethupathi did not get the expected success. The movie ‘Kanmani Rambo Khatija’ was also a moderate success. Now Sethupathi is not getting the level of praise that Kamal Haasan – Fahad Fazil roles are getting in ‘Vikram’. Fans are getting disappointed that director Lokesh Kanagaraj has portrayed Mari as a B grade villain.

Makkal Selvan
Makkal Selvan

Sethupathi greeted the Telugu audience with the dubbed the movie ‘Saira Narasimha Reddy shined in the movie. It should be assumed that this is a non-priority guest role. This sequence impressed the character with negative shades in the film Surge’. Sethupathi, who is known as a versatile actor, wants to do good roles from now on. Vijay Sethupathi is currently starring in Tamil films like Maamanithan and Viduthalai. Also, along with the Malayalam movie ’19 (1) (a) ‘Mumbaikar’ is making Hindi movies like ‘Gandhi Talks’. In a similar vein, Bollywood beauty Katrina Kaif is starring in the movie ‘Mary Christmas’. Vijay Sethupathi is playing a pivotal role in the web series ‘Farsi’ with Shahid Kapoor.

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