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Maina Nandhini – Here are highlights from Bigg Boss house!



Bigg Boss viewers have questioned whether it is Amudhavanan who is going to leave today and not Maina Nandini. Bigg Boss 6 has reached its 102nd day. In this case, in the first promo video that has released this morning, Bigg Boss made Amudhavanan’s eyes wide open by praising him. Those who saw it said that it was Amudhavanan who was leaving with the cash box. After this, the second promo video has released.

Maina Nandhini
Maina Nandhini

Maina Nandhini

Those who have seen the second promo video say that Maina Nandini is going to leave, not Amudhavanan. The second video focuses on Maina Nandini. 4 people around us should not decide how we should or should not live. This is our life. The promo video starts with Maina saying that it is up to us to decide. Maina Nandini added, “I had great confidence that I could achieve it.” The promo video ended with Bigg Boss wishing me all the best for this Maina to get rid of all worries and fly freely.

Those who have seen the promo video have said that Maina Nandini is the unqualified contestant as a finalist. A pure waste competitor is a fake actress. Do you understand who they are focusing on in today’s two promos? Both are waste. Say whatever anyone wants. But Aram fans say the title belongs to our brother Vikraman. Give, give, give the title to Vikraman only in a dream. Bigg Boss viewers have asked Boomer Uncle for the title.

Maina Nandhini
Maina Nandhini

Azeem supporters say the title belongs to him. His supporters are saying that the title belongs to Shivin who left his job and believed in his talent and came to the Bigg Boss house. Bigg Boss, who says expect the unexpected, won’t be surprised if he lifts the title and gives it to Maina, viewers say. Meanwhile, many people are criticizing Thirumavalavan MP who has voted for Vikraman on social media.

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