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“Maara” Tamil movie review (Amazon Prime Video): Magical and Pleasantly romantic



Here we are finally having watched the movie on Amazon Prime Video. Before we get on to “Maara”‘s actual movie review, I would like to mention a few pointers that will make us straight in what to expect in this article.

  1. First things first, we all know that this is a remake of “Charlie” – a charming movie. So, comparisons are bound to happen. But, I am going to review this as a straight Tamil movie.
  2. It does not mean I haven’t watched Charlie. I did. But that was a long time ago and I have forgotten the script already.
  3. I am not going to compare the performances between lead actors from both movies as well. 
  4. Well – I might throw out a few spoilers in the way. Apologies for that. Here is the first one – “Maara” is not a scene by scene remake of Charlie, so it makes sense I am not going to compare them.

The Good:

Character "Vellaiyan" portrayed by Mouli

Let me put it straight away – the movie is GOOD. There are plenty of good things about this one that weighs up more than the negatives (yes, there are a few).

To start with, the plot of the movie revolves around a love story between two characters that are not actually the leads. But I will give it to you if you argue against it. There is also a love story between the main leads, but the male lead knows it only at the end of the movie. 

The performances of the characters, almost all of them, are really good. You will, without a doubt fall in love with the character “Vellaiyan” portrayed by the most unsung “Mouli”. He has nailed it I would say. Next, the most brilliant performance is from “Shraddha” – yes you heard it right. She speaks less but conveys more emotions. Madhavan is good too, as usual. Though we expected more from him, maybe it is the characterization that didn’t get the best out of him. Support cast also looks strong – Shivada, “Alice in Wonderland” fame Alexander Babu and others chip in effortlessly.

Madhavan with Shhivada in the movie "Maara"

The first thing you notice when you start watching the movie is the picturization. Just hits the right notes. The film is based on magical realism, and the camera captures its right. The movie is treated to make you feel lovely and it succeeds. The sound of the movie is equally competent. Ghibran has woven his magic once again. Songs are already pleasing our ears, and the background score suits the theme of the movie.

The Debutant director does a good job of taking the spotlight of the movie away from the leads in the second half. 

The Bad:

The film is a tad too long for its screenplay that one might feel the movie is taking us somewhere else. This is where the movie slips a bit, but the director gains the advantage when the screen shifts to “Vellaiyan”.

An image from "Maara"

As previously mentioned, the characterization of “Maara” could have been tighter and stronger in terms of holding the script, but it seemed to waver just like the character.

“Maara” Verdict: 

This is my honest review on Maara. Sit down on your sofa and watch this at your convenience, try to stay away from external disturbances – this movie will surely make you feel lighter.

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